VW rolls out wallbox

ID.Charger Connect

The intelligent ID. Charger Connect makes charging digital and smart. The wallbox can connect with the home network and the smartphone via WLAN or LAN. LTE connectivity is also available as an optional extra. With this mobile communication technology, customers can keep an eye on use and charging operations and benefit from practical functions such as app management, remote maintenance, access control via charging card and regular software updates. The launch price for the ID. Charger Connect starts at €599.

ID.Charger Pro

The ID. Charger Pro is the top model in the wallbox series and features an integrated electric meter for precise billing per kilowatt hour on top of the digital functions and the standard equipment LTE module. It thus provides even greater transparency on power requirements, for example enabling a convenient billing process for a company car driver and their employer. The ID. Charger Pro goes on sale at €849. The LTE data costs over the entire lifetime of the wallbox are already included.

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